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    Add links to scrollbar items

    Pa Zoltan



      I have a problem with the scrollbar in a website.

      I want to create a site with many fla videos, so I need to use video player. It's okay I can do this. I have a list (text based links) what I want to link to these videos. So this is simple: Links to videos. The user click on one hyperlink and the video will start.

      The site is fixed height (not strech if content is growing) but I have many hyperlinks. So I have to use scrollbar to organize them. It's ok.

      The problem is: If I make a scrollbar, I can't add "Play video" interaction to items, bacause FC told me: I have to add a video first. I added one before but FC can't see it in the scrollbar editing level. (screen goes to grey and I can edit only srollbar items)


      Note: If I make a single text or shape (button), I can add a "play video" interaction to it, and everything works fine.