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    How to remove/skin white screen when loading StageWebView


      Hello all,


      I'm facing a very tricky issue with StageWebView into a mobile View.

      I'm using this example -> http://soenkerohde.com/2010/11/air-mobile-stagewebview-uicomponent/


      BUT, my application has a black background and when i'm loading an HTML (wich also has a black background) the StageWebView components it's white when loading, and that i dont like.


      On viewActivate handler for StageWebView component i've put the stageWebView.stage = null; and created an event handler.

      The event handler has the command stageWebView.stage = myStage;


      In this way i can show a loader (busy indicator) and when the page is fully loaded in background,it will pop on view.

      When the StageWebView pops in view i get a flashy white screen. I have tested it on Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android).


      How i can get rid of it?

      Any sugestions will help a lot.