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    audition 3 slows my work by 50%

    puddlehopper Level 1

      audition 3.0 on windows 7 home premium o/s


      i would like these facilitys returned please


      I used cool edit pro 2 for many years,  i tried audition 2 and didnt like it as much, i have purchased audition 3 as i now run windows 7 and it has slowed my work by at least 50%.


      1. when i wish to delete small noises breaths etc from my production work, i can only delete once i stop the track then delete the selected breath or click etc then when pressing play the track starts at the begining again and i have to find my place all over again,

      its not so bad with a 30 second advert or sound byte etc but it is a complete (insert preffered painful experience) if i am working on a 1 hour audio programme, it is so frustrating.


      2 if i wish to listen to a program to proof it after editing and maybe edit the odd thing i have missed the first time, i cannot do anything else with my computer without stopping the audio playing, for example i may wish to read a script at the same time so i click on the start bar and immediately the audio stops and if i wasnt looking at the display i again have to find my place all over again.


      with cool edit pro 2 i can delete on the fly as in point 1 and also leave the audio playing while i browse the internet or check scripts are correct etc while the audio plays merrily in the background, and if i hear a blip or need to make an alteration i simply bring up cool edit from the minimised position, note the time on the recording, delete the offending item and restart the audio at the place i left off while going back to ebay or word or the script or whatever i like really,


      i read on the forums the audio stop thing is something to do with the asio drivers and that the engine has been changed because some people complained en masse about not being able to burn cds direct from audition or some such thing,

      to lose these functions and the use of the full duplex because of this, if it is true is beyond madness the benifits are minimal compared to the disadvantages for people like myself who edit mile upon mile of tedious educational and informational audio

      i simply save audio  as mp3 and then burn to cd using nero, i mean its not rocket science :)

      anyway let me know if you can sort this out with a patch or something,

      until then i have discovered that i can actualy run cool edit pro 2 on windows 7 in xp compatability mode.

      so that is what i am doing for now it just seems a waste to bin a £300 program because it has become uneconomical to use timewise

      so please can this problem get sorted.


      oh and as a by the way the file save option  always seems to revert to wav.

      whereas cool edit left the selection wherever i left it last time i saved an audio  file


      on a positive note audition 3 has improved visually it looks a lot better


      ps, i realise that cool edit pro was developed by syntrillium and not adobe

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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          You need to adjust a couple of settings in Audition to make it work as you want.


          1. Right click over Play button to set Play mode to Play from cursor to end of file. Then when you stop you can start from where you were before.


          2. Under Edit/Audio hardware/Setup make sure the box "Release ASIO Driver in Background" is not ticked.

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            puddlehopper Level 1

            thanks ryclark i tried the settings you suggested and it will now play audio while i open another window or program which is good,

            however the main bug bear is that i still cant delete anything while the audio is playing, if i am playing a track and find a part i wish to delete, say for instance a big chunk of silence at the end of the track, i can select the area i want to delete but when i hit the delete button nothing happens, it will only delete if i stop the track first and i cant seem to solve this problem, if i do the same thing in cool edit it just deletes the marked area while still playing the audio.

            its not major if i am working on small concise amounts of audio say a 3 minute vocal track it is bearable  but at the pace i need to turn over some of the larger audio magazines we record it can double the time and stress involved.

            if you can imagine editing an hour long vocal and having to remove every breathe tut and spit click or cough between each sentence it can be a long long day mate :(

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              ryclark Adobe Community Professional

              Unfortunately due to the way the audio drivers work in AA3 you can't operate on files whilst they are still playing. AA CS5.5 does allow you too but there are hiccoughs in the playback. However a lot of us do the sort of editing (removing coughs, breaths etc.) purely by eye with just a quick playback over the edit to make sure that it worked OK. AA3 does however give you Preroll and Postroll options to control your playback so that you can Preview an cut before performing it. New versions of software tend to make you have to find new ways of doing things which can be a bit painfull for a while after the upgrade.

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                puddlehopper Level 1

                ok thanks for the info, at least i know i cant change it now, i can edit by sight as you say but i try to listen at the same time incase there are any mistakes or double takes etc, basically i probably try to do to many things at once but such is the pace of modern recording on the bright side i no longer need to make regular trips to the hospital after splicing 4 inch recording tape with  stanley knife blades lol

                so i guess i will just keep using the old faithful cool edit for the long jobs and play around with the audition 3 when i am not as busy, to be honest i cant find much difference in the programs apart from the things i mentioned  and the fact that audition has a better resulution and doesnt look as dated,


                thanks for taking the time to reply  :)

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                  frankly it's a shame Preroll and Postroll options are now disabled on Audition 5.5. These are the more basic and useful tools for an audio editor, and for us  in the news field, simply the best way to a neat work without wasting your time. looking forward to having it back on CS6.