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    Why does Table of Contents Overflow [+] w. blank lines


      ID CS5 Win 7. When the table of contents gets close to a full page, and I run update table of contents, it comes up with the red + overflow symbol. So I extend the text box down to the bottom of the page, and it shows the final contents lines. They do not extend below the original text box size.  I then go to the end of the text, and press the delete key (the one that backspaces delete). It begins several blank lines below the last indexed line, and erases what appears to be blank lines. I then can reduce the text box to its original size, and the contents lines that were overflowed before, now will display just fine.


      CS5 ID error.jpg

      Does anyone have any idea why the extra blank lines are inserted. I would think if they were an accidental index blank lines (a) they would have page numbers and (b) would not show up at the end. Obviously I can do the work around as I describe above, but if I am doing something wrong that can be fixed, advice would be greatly appreciated.