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    PLEASE HELP anchored text boxes corrupted CS5

    E Diane King Level 3

      I have a book I've been working on for some time that is close to final. It has anchored text boxes in the sidebar that flow with the text and is being edited in an IC assignment environment. I made semi-final edits to it yesterday and exported a PDF, but when I started scrolling through the pages, I noticed that whole pages of the content were blank. The stories were still flowing as if there was text on the blank pages, but there were no text boxes to select and it was intermitten through the whole document. Thinking the layout file was corrupt, I exported to IDML and opened that. It recovered almost identical to the other file and now all the anchored text boxes are completely locked. I can no longer select them to edit the text or move them.  I tried unlinking the IC stories, still locked. I tried going back to a version of the ID file from before I made the edits--figuring the edits would be preserved in the stories and I could just reedit the layout, but while I've managed to recover the pages of content that had gone blank, my anchored text boxes are still completely locked. Does anyone have any suggestions. This book was nearly final and I have a hard deadline.


      Mac 10.5.8, ID 7.0.4


      I do have ID CS5.5 on another computer. Do you think it would be worth trying to convert the file to the newer version and then back to CS5?