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    Help with Corrupted file!

    Kivgaen2010 Level 1

      I have a corrupt InDesign file (http://www.luiselee.com/Corrupt.indd).  The problem started when my co-worker tried to export the document to PDF.  She was running InDesign on a Mac OS X (dont know the version number).   After Force Quitting InDesign, she couldn't get back into any of her documents.  The document in the cache was screwing up her whole system.  I recovered InDesign for her by removing the documenet recovery cache, recreating preferences, etc.  But now there is the problem of the corrupt file.


      We copied the file to a flash drive and transferred it to my machine which is running Windows 7 enterprise, service pack 1, 64 bit, InDesign version 7. I probably haven't updated InDesign recently, I've just tried doing that but failed due to server inavailability. Will try again later...


      But anyway, here's the problem.  I open up the document, and immediately get the missing fonts message... no problem. I click "OK" to try to skip the message and then InDesign hangs.  No error message, no crash, it just sits there.


      I tried looking at the "Troubleshoot corrupt InDesign document" information, but all of it appears to ask me to do stuff to the document within InDesign. I can't even open the document and look at it for more than 20 seconds without InDesign hanging.


      What has happened to this document?  Are we basically screwed and do I have to start again?


      Please help!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I get the same hang at missing fonts.


          I think the best hope for recovery is probably Markzware and their ID2Q - Q2ID recovery service (Fix Your Bad InDesign Files!) but you'll have to weigh the cost of recovery against the cost of rebuilding. Do you have  any backups (perhaps from Time Machine on your assciate's Mac) that you could use as a starting point?

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            Kivgaen2010 Level 1

            What is "Time machine"?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Time machine is the built-in backup utility on Mac. If it was set up and operating there may be a backup copy of your file sitting on a backup drive.

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                Pickory Level 3

                It hung on my machine, Intel Mac CS5.5. I tried various ways of opening, but still failed.

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                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                   4: Most recent Save on Macintosh 10.68 in app version (InDesign Roman) build 355 on Wed Sep 14 17:01:53 2011


                  First: you really need to upgrade to 7.0.4!


                  The integrity of the document database doesn't seem to be compromised so it must be some really weird setting inside an object.


                  Fonts used in the document:

                  Minion Pro

                  Myriad Pro

                  Kozuka Mincho Pro

                  Courier New

                  Times New Roman

                  Symbol "Medium" (probably the default Mac OS X Symbol)

                  Bank Gothic

                  ITC Berkely OldStyle


                  Monotype Sorts



                  Times (TT) [*]


                  ([*] This latter one I can't figure out what it is for, but it's quite likely just the default paragraph font.)


                  I list the fonts for convenience 'cause InDesign really cannot dig damaged fonts, and is known to freak out for no real reason when one is damaged (well, I guess it could show a pop-up or something when you try to use an unusuable font). Perhaps you recognize one of these fonts as a previous troublemaker.