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    Convert existing App to AIR?

    mwl_connexsus Level 1

      Hi folks.  I've inherited an quite large flash builder app. It has to manipulate HTML content in an IFrame which, of course, does not work well because of the buggy HTMLcomponent/flexiFrame component (it freezes and "white-boxes" repeatedly, forcing user to logout of app, clear cache and log back in).

      So, since interacting with HTML content is requirement for this app, the only solution I can see is producing an AIR app for the user(s), instead of an embedded Flash movie.

      So, being a relative newbie to FB dev, I was wondering how to go about determining the scope of what would be required to convert  the code to produce an AIR app?  There's been no mindset for developing toward AIR rather than Flash in the history of this project.

      Any idea/pointers/help would be more than greatly appreciated.