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    Flex List + HTTP Service XML

    Diego Dora

      Hi guys,


      I'm a very new Flex developer (I have several years (10+) working with different technologies but i'm startin in Flex) and my small project is:


      1. List Menu which content is loaded by a XML file.
      2. Grid which content is loaded from another XML file.
      3. The interaction that I'm looking for is when you select any of the items in the List, I need that object talks to the Grid and tell him to load dynamically a different XML file depending on which component of the list you press.


      So far I can load a XML file into the List Menu using HTTP Service and I can load a XML file into the Grid Menu, my problem is the interaction between menues. The ideal would be that through the a "click" event I can call the properties of the specific button in the List menu and tell him to use a node with the file path.


      Can anybody help me? Here is my XML structures:





      <Title> Button 1 </Title>

      <XMLfile> data/file1.xml </XMLfile>


      <Title> Button 2 </Title>

      <XMLfile> data/file2.xml </XMLfile>






      <column1>button 1 column 1</column1>

      <column2>button 1 column 2</column2>

      <column3>button 1 column 3</column3>




      <column1>button 2 column 1</column1>

      <column2>button 2 column 2</column2>

      <column3>button 2 column 3</column3>



      I appreciate any help or code example!

      thank you!


      Best regards,