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    change background color of text portion of mx combobox


      hello I'm simply trying to change the part of the mx combobox where a user inserts text. I'm trying to make the mx combobox look just like the spark textboxes that I have on the page. I just want to change the background color of the text input area...


      Here is what I have as far as my combobox override goes...



      public function AutoSuggest()



                  //make it behave as close as to a textInput as possible

                  setStyle("cornerRadius",0); //circo come back and mess with this





                  /* setStyle("dropdownStyleName", "myDropDown"); */

      setStyle("backgroundColor", "#EBE9D3"); // make it sandy...

      //setStyle("backgroundColor", "#c90d0d"); // make it sandy...

      //setStyle("fillColors", "red");

      setStyle("fontSize", 10);

      setStyle("font-family", "Verdana");

      setStyle("focusColor", "#C7B6A4");

      //setStyle("chromeColor", "#EBRE9D3");

      //setStyle("color", "#C7B6A4"); // not what I was looking for :/


                  editable = true;

                  selectedIndex = -1;

                  rowCount = 5;