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    Quotes, dashes, etc. missing after save/compile


      Hi.  I am having a problem with quotes, dashes, etc. in topics where those quotes, dashes, etc. at some point become hidden.


      For example, in one topic (note this usually happens in tables), I have a range of acceptable values for a data entry field listed as:


      Valid range is 0 - 99,999.99


      When I open the project up ant another time, it appears like this:


      Valid range is 0   99,999.99 (the dash is missing).


      When I view the compiled version, however, the dash is visible.


      Another example is that I have a label on which I display the letter x as 'x'.  When I open the help project up at another time (after a save/close/compile), the quotes don't appear in the project.  If I view the compiled version, the quotes will be seen just fine.


      When I can't see the dashes or quotes in the RoboHelp project, I will sometimes add additional quotes to the 'x' because it appears to me that they are now gone.  When I look at the compiled version then, however, the label shows multiple sets of quotes  ex. ' 'x' ' .  Or, if I was using double quotes, I've had it go from something like "Calculator Form" to ""Calculator Form"" because I add another set of quotes in the RoboHelp projects where I can't see any quotes.


      Does anyone know why this is happeneing and if there is anything I can do to prevent/correct this problem?


      Thanks in advance!