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    GTX 570: Use EVGA or nVidia driver?

    Mike-Baldwin Level 1

      I'm building up my new video editing system and seem to remember reading some forum posts at one point where there was some discussion (or what it a strong recommendation?) to use one of these video drivers over the other.  What's the general consensus on this issue?


      A couple of other minor questions (that are admittedly quite newbie)


      1) I've got an ASUS P6X58D-E board and was planning to run 2 hard drives (Hitachi Deskstar / 2 TB 7200RPM SATA III 6 Gbps 64 MB Cache) as RAID 0 off the Marvel controller.  Will Windows 7 recognize the 3.8 GB okay, and what is the issue with the Marvel controller? I'm planning to use this drive to store all of my media (backing it up to my NAS) and wondering if there's a reliability issue that I should be concerned with.


      2) Planning to use two 1TB Caviar Black drives in RAID 0 using the Intel ICH10R controller.  For this setup, I'm assuming that I should be setting the drive configuration in my ASUS BIOS to "RAID" (vs. AHCI), right?  And IIRC, whatever I choose I can't change it once I've installed the OS.


      3) Do most of you let Win 7 install the 200MB mini-partition or do you prefer to do the trick where you hit "Cancel" when the installation process asks you if it's okay to create separate partitions?  I forgot about that and now have the annoying partition on one of my RAID disks (I was sure that the 640GB OS disk was plugged into the lowest numbered SATA port, sigh...).  Not a big deal to reinstall it at this point though . .


      Thanks for any and all assistance !!