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    Connecting InDesign to a Database


      Hey everyone, thanks for reading my post.


      I create publications in which half of the content is a directory of company names (anywhere from 100-800 depending on the publication).  All of the information for these companies lives on our database and for the most part, I already implement efficient means of getting that information from the database into InDesign (One is through spreadsheets with excel formulas, and the other is XML automation).


      However, our company is growing and we are creating more publications. And I am looking for a faster, more automated way of bringing in the content.  I have tried googling "Indesign, Database" and searching forums, however I keep coming up with either old plugins for CS2 and CS3. Or forum posts that don't really answer my question.  Which is:


      Can anyone shed light on how I might be able to connect Indesign to a database, is it possible? Is there a plugin?


      I don't know even know how one would go about do something like this or if it's even possible, so please forgive me if this question is to general.


      Thanks for any feedback