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    Popular 3D effect on still images??


      Hello and thanks for your time,


      There is a popular effect that many TV programs use (you see it in documentaries from Discovery, or History, etc).

      Its an image still of a group of people but the people appear to be "pushed out" from the back ground image so that it looks 3D and as if the people are moving. The background image itself might pan alittle, but the foreground people in the image are panning at a slightly faster speed.


      Its a nice effect with alot of mood, but I'm not sure on how I would go about in creating it.


      You can see it in this video. Between the times 00:42 to 01:15



      I'm guessing I would cut out the foreground people from the image and make a background image and animate the foreground image against the background.

      My feeling is using this technique it wont look as good.


      Is there a better way to create this effect or perhaps with a plugin??


      thanks, Lemon