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    HUGE file size in InDesign CS5

    Alison - Clearly Stated

      Help! Deadline fast approaching and InDesign now down to a crawl. It's definitely InDesign... it's open while I'm typing this and I can see the letters here appear as I type. In InDesign, it's like being back in the dark ages... type way ahead and wait for the display to catch up, and it doesn't even get all the way. I've resorted to typing in Notepad and copy/pasting in to try to speed things up a bit.


      I'm a relatively new InDesign user, so apologies if there is a simple answer...


      My file was getting large in terms of number of pages and because of the anchored frames issue (another post), I split it into several files and put it in a book. At least that way the knock on effect of having something NOT anchored was manageable.

      Yesterday and now today, the program got progressively slower. Using 70%+ of memory (4GB of it!)

      Something feels very wrong to me...


      The first file in the book is 4 pages long. It consists of a title page, an automatically generated ToC, a whole-page frame with a border and a whole-page frame without a border. Apart from the title page, it's ALL text. On the title page and the master page I have (linked, I believe - they show up in the links pane) two images. The one on the front cover is only 115KB anyway, and the one on the master page, in the footer, is 82KB.


      This file is  13,776KB in size. What's going on? The whole BOOK before was slightly less than 12MB, and although I've added a bit more content, nothing new has gone into these four pages. The total for the whole book now (NOT INCLUDING IMAGES) is just over 35MB.


      I had installed a trial of CS 5.5 to see if that was going to be any good for an ePub project I'm about to start, but until recently I hadn't noticed any problems with it. I've just uninstalled it and am about to do a repair of InDesign CS5 to see if that helps.


      For the technically minded:

      PC running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit,

      Intel i5 CPU (3.84GHz)

      Two graphics cards running three monitors (been like this since got the PC last December).


      I'm going to struggle to meet the deadline at this rate, and am starting to panic :-(


      Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions