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    Startup script to load csf file


      Hi everyone


      I need a little help from the experts eheheh


      I want to load a csf file on the Indesign CS4 startup.


      I found this script on the forum:


      var myPath = "\\\\xxxxxx\\prepress\\Recursos\\ColorSettings\\Photoshop_Illustrator\\publicidade.csf";
      var myFile = new File (myPath);
      if (myFile.exists) {
          app.colorSettings.cmsSettingsPath = myFile;
      else {
          alert("O ficheiro \""+ myPath + "\" error.");



      this wok fine but if colour settings are set to "Emulate ADobe Indesign 2.0 CMS Off" I get this message:



      How can I avoid this?


      Thanks in advance