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    Mac Pro - Lion Clarification

    Cutwithray Level 1

      Hi Todd,


      I wanted to clarify some Lion issues. Currently I have a new Mac Pro scheduled for delivery that comes with Lion pre-installed. There is no other choice at this point. Snow Leopard is not available as an option. Knowing that there are a few issues with the current CS-5 suite because it was developed before Lion I was going to take off Lion and go back to Snow Leopard. I checked with our Mac reseller and he had this to say :


      "all new BTO (Build To Order) Apple computers come with Lion pre-installed and there is no way of removing it and reinstalling Snow Leopard. It has something to do with the firmware."


      So if I have to stick with Lion, would I be safe in using the CS-5.5 production suite? I know there are many benefits of CS-5.5.1, but I think the eyedropper issue will be too big of a deal not to be working. What would you recommend at this stage of the game. If its true that the new Mac towers are limited to only run Lion due to a firmware limitation, then we have to figure out what we can do here. I also thought of a secondary boot drive, but that wont help if it truly is a firmware issue.


      Anyone have any information on this?