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    Default gutter width for drawing text boxes for overset text


      I have master pages that were created with columns and the correct gutter width we want. When I drag a story from a window (a window that is part of our CMS) and place it on the page, the gutters between the text columns are correct -- p9 (or 0.125 inches). But if I draw a new text box or if I click the red plus to draw a text box for overset text, the gutter is a full pica (or 0.1667 inches).


      I want any text box that is drawn on the page or any overset text box that is drawn to default to p9 for gutters.


      I don't want to manually change the gutter for every new text box I draw.


      I'm using ID with CS4.


      Thank you.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The default gutter in a multi-column frame is set in the object style under Text Frame General Options. If you haven't defined any new styles you only need to edit the [Basic Text Frame] style. New frames will use the new gutter value when you add columns. If you have object styles for other text frames, you'll need to edit those, too. For existing frames, if the number of columns has been changed manually, you will need to reset the gutter.