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    Problems with 64bit & Valentins Shell_cmd_thread




      I have made one kind of launcher projector, which is used to select some stuff and to launch a java program. I'm using Valentins shell_cmd_thread for it, as I have to read the java output to know when the program is initialised etc. I'm using stub-launcher too.


      The problem is, that the projecter crashes (windows notification about being stopped working) on any 64bit windows around 50% of the time when launching the java program. And I'm completely lost what might cause it. It doesn't happen on 32-bit windows and it doesn't happen if I run the movie on Director. It seems that the shell_cmd_thread might be the fault in here, but cannot say it couldn't be anything else either.


      Does anyone have any idea why this might happen?




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          To understand what exactly happened, in your code, create a text file and write there the different steps of your actions.

          that could help you to know exactly where the crash happens.


          Brahim AYI

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            It really looked like I could narrow it to the shell_cmd_thread using callback + jumping to a loop frame meanwhile. My program A (problematic) started a long lasting program B (java) with threaded callback and went waiting to a loop frame for possible user input. If I had the callback, even as empty one or just "put msg" the program crashed. If I used the callback and didn't go to the loop frame, but just let the program (A) go out of frames and end, it didn't crash. And with 32bit it works properly, so something to do with the callbacks.


            Anyways, I made a workaround for it and it seems to work atm. What I did was redirecting the Bs console output to a txt-file in user temp (basysdir("temp")) and reading the necessary information from the txt-file. This works with no problems, hopefully on high UAC too.


            Thanks for the interest.