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    Downsizing 5d mkii 1080p and Gopro 720p footage into same 720p sequence


      Hey guys,


      I'm new here and have looked around on the forums and FAQ's for answers but have turned up with nothing.


      Basically I have filmed footage in 1080p with a Canon 5d mkII and also 720p footage with two GoPro's.


      I want to export a 720p video using both of these resolutions.


      What I had planned was downsizing the 1080p footage (already in the sequence) to 720p to match the rest of the footage and can't seem to work out how to do it!


      My current attempts have the 720p footage come up as a smaller  'box' in the final clip, where you can still see the 1080p footage below  it.

      In other words, the 1080p footage isn't downsizing, and is staying at 1080p.


      If anyone could help me, it would be much appreciated!


      Using Premiere Pro CS5.5