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    Flex Mobile IOS camera


      Dear Developer,


      I am working on an application for the Ipad, and i need to access the backside camera of the device.

      When i test it on my desktop, it works fine however when deployed on the Ipad, there is no videodisplay and it just seems as the camera doesn't work at all.

      Also Flash Builder tells me that i do not have to set permissions to use the camera, that ios will ask the user to grant it but i have not seen any message of that when running the application.


      Here is the code i use to access and display the camera:


                          if (Camera.isSupported)
                              camera.setMode(500, 500, 30, true);



      sv is a SpriteVisualElement object

      videoDisplay is a Video object


      If anyone could help me with this, I woul be very gratefull.


      Kind Regards,





      It seems that the webcam IS working, but the screen of the webcam is not being displayed.