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    Saving InDesign Book

    jimar8 Level 1

      I have a book file that is using InDesign 4. It has 19 chapters (380 pages). I kept it in ID4 because it was a revision for a second printing, 16 months after the original book was created. I was apprehensive about opening it in a newer version ID 5 which I have on another computer (have 5.5 to install) because of any possible formatting problems.


      Okay revision complete, pdf off to publisher.  Now I want to save it on another hard drive for back up and on another hard drive to open it in a newer version of ID.  The problem is it will not save the current book with the revised chapters anywhere.  The chapters don't register the date for current modifications! But the changes are there as long as i don't try to copy or move them to another drive. They revert to a very early version of the book, not even the last one for the first printing, when ever i move them and open on another computer.  Each chapter shows old dates when moved and doesn't have the latest modifications.  The old dates are there on the Chapters in ID4 but the files are current when I open them in ID4.


      This means that the only current version i can open is on a hard drive, on one computer with ID 4. I cannot make a back up, save as, or copy and paste.


      I wonder if I could "save as" each chapter individually? Then create a new book?


      I want to work on an interactive version in 5.5 without touching the print version but I can't seem to make an updated copy.