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    ComboBox Problem

    Code Girl

      I have a combobox and I am populating the list with an arraylist so I can sort it.  My label function is based upon the sort order (first last or last first)


                  <s:ComboBox id="usersDDL"
                             x="110" y="10" width="375"
                             prompt="Enter or Select a Name"
                      <mx:ArrayCollection id="usersList" list="{getUsersResult.lastResult}"/>


      I start typing the first letter of the name I am looking for and the drop down list pops up showing names near what I have typed so far, if I select with the mouse on one of the names then that name is put in the label.  If I repeat this again and again select the same name as before, the label puts the first name showing in the dropdown instead of the name I selected.  However, if I select a diff name than the one I did before, then the diff name shows in the label.



      Lets say I typed an L and dropdown list shows  Larry, Linda, Lydia.  If I select Linda then Linda is populated.  If again type an L in the combobox, then the same list is shown and again I select Linda but this time, Larry is shown in the label.  If I do it one more time but select Lydia the Lydia is shown in the label.  Now, I did notice that when you type the L then Larry is in the label box by default.  So it appears that if you select the already selected one then the label field is not repopulated but the problem with this is that it no longer is populated with the selected list but with the L   Larry autocomplete label.  Is this a bug or is there something I am doing wrong?  If a bug, is there a work around?