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    Streaming Audio Lagging (Unusual Bug)

      I have a swf, which loads external movies, each external movie has its own layer in the time line which contains an audio file, the audio is not being used with actionscript, it is just sitting there and plays with the "stream" option enabled in the properties bar.

      What I have found is that, when going from one scene to the next scene within the loaded swf, the audio will overlap, that is, the audio doesn't finish when it is supposed to, or the audio for the next scene will play before the current scene is finished.

      Has anyone encountered this problem before, or, have they found a way or know a way to fix this? Perhaps something could be done to 'sync' the audio with the timeline at the end of every scene, maybe some function could be called that gets the audio and does something to it to make it re-sync?

      I am really out of ideas. I have tried getting the next scene to have a delay of 9-15 frames, and that seems to have worked, but what happens is if I am running the swf, then open an app up or do something that uses a lot of cpu power, the flash file that is running will start to lag from that point onwards. Now, if the program or process that I was running in the background is now closed or goes away , the lag in flash remains! Even for new scenes that I use or even new loaded swf files, the lag stays! I close the swf, reopen it and the lag is still there, I close flash, and reopen flash, then test hte movie out again, and the lag is still there.

      If you don't run another intensive process in the background, or open another application, the audio doesn't lag and everthing works fine.

      If anyone has any idea's about this, please share.

      BTW, I use an Athlon XP2600+ and the CPU usage is low when running this swf file...