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    PLEASE Help!! I'm dying here!




      I'm having a problem with AE, and I've spend hours upon hours workng on it. I'm a student who spent YEARS saving up for this program, and yet I'm getting no love from other online forums ro Google searches. This is my best hope, so here goes. I'm running a Mac OS X, 10.6.8.


      About 6 months ago, I added some new fonts to my computer (Mac Book Pro 15inch). There appeared to be no problem, and all of my programs worked correctly- I frequently used those fonts on AE.


      I recently bought Microsoft Office, however, and that program crashed whenever I tried to install it. So, I went to Microsoft for Mac support. They told me that I had faulty fonts, and showed me, through "Font Book" how to deactivate my fonts. I deleted the bad fonts, and Word worked fine. (I still have some fonts that "may be in error" but all "faulty" fonts are gone.) 


      But, when I tried to open AE, it wouldn't. Always crashes. I always get the error message "After Effects can’t continue: unexpected failure during application startup." No other information is given. Every other Adobe product that I have tried works fine- although the AE Render Engine won't open, either. 


      Solutions that I have already tried:


      - Putting all of the bad fonts back in place. I'd much rather have AE than Word, if it comes down to it. No change; now neither program works.


      - Deleting all of the bad fonts, even from my trash can.


      - Re-installing the entire Creative Suite.


      - Running the script cleaner, then re-installing the program.


      - Importing all the fonts included in the non-Instillation disk of my Creative Suite 5, and placing them in Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts. I also put them in Library/Fonts. 


      At this point, I'm willing to do just about anything to get this program to work. I can't understand how the error message that I get keeps appearing- I assumed there was an internal problem when I deactivated the fonts my computer told me were seriously in error, but that should have been fixed by a re-install, or at least the script cleaner.


      Any thoughts? I REALLY appreciate your time.


      -Kirby Voss