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    Placed native .psd files always "get modifed" when creating pdf


      Just today started this very odd thing. ANY, any native .psd file I place into a new or old InDesign CS4 document, whether the .psd is RGB or CMYK, one layer, multiple layers, will tell me that as soon as I hit the blue "Export" button that "This document contains missing or modified links." Click Cancel and then use the Links panel to relink or update lnks or click OK to continue.


      If I click cancel and update the link (which had never changed in the first place), then go to export again, it does the same thing. If I create a new document and try placing the same .psd file into the new ID document, it does the same thing. Only way I can get around this new FREAKINGLY FRUSTRATING error message is to not save the document, then export it.


      I've tried trashing all the preferences, for both ID and PS, that didn't work. I've tried repairing permissions, and that didn't work.


      This does not happen for .ai files or .eps (Illustrator or Photoshop). Or if I open an ID file with a .psd in it, it will tell its changed even after I've saved and closed the document.