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    Video Player

    nzkiwis Level 1

      I've got a avi file which I can convery to a swf or flv file.

      What I want to do though is put this on a website with a play and stop button. Progress bar maybe.


      How can I do this?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          convert it to an flv and place it into a new directory.


          create a new fla and save it to the new directory.


          drag an flvplayback component from the component panel to your stage.  in the properties panel, select a skin that has the video controls you want, assign a relative path to your flv.



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            nzkiwis Level 1

            Okay I done that. When I link to my published HTML file directly, c:/wamp/www/movie.html it plays - when i link via HTTP http://localhost/movie.html it does not. My server is working, my pages displays but nothing plays. Why?