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    AVCH and other file formats

    Sjefke 23

      First of all excuse for my English because it is more than 50 years ago that I learned it at school.

      Second excuse my unknowledge of Adobe because I just work with it for one week.

      I work with Adobe Premiere Elements on a Mac. Pro 1.1

      I read the article from Steve Grisetti about AVCH and other file formats and I understood that you ask for problems by mixing up different types of video in one project.

      Next week our filmclub will film a hiking tour with 6 camera`s: DV -HDV - AVCHD and I will edit the movie with Adobe

      I intend to load every single type into Adobe and export it ( translat it) into AVI or AVI-DV.

      Then load these AVI or AVI-DV files into a new project and edit the film with them and at the end make some DVD`s

      Question: should I use AVI or AVI-DV ? Or is there an other solution/

      Thanks and greatings: Jos Schepers The Netherlands

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You are asking an excellent question, Jos!


          Converting all of the videos to DV-AVIs before combining them in the same project is an excellent idea. Because you are using a Mac, however, you should use the DV-MOV as your common video format. To do this you should use Share/Computer/MOV using the PAL-DV preset. (There are many types of MOVs. A DV-MOV is a specific type of MOV that is used when shooting and editing video on a computer.)


          IN DUTCH:

          U vraagt een heel goede vraag, Jos!

          Het omzetten van alle video's naar DV-AVI's voordat ze te combineren in hetzelfde project is een uitstekend idee. Omdat je een Mac gebruikt, echter, moet u gebruik maken van de DV-MOV als je gezond videoformaat. Om dit te doen moet je Share / Computer / MOV met de PAL-DV preset te gebruiken. (Er zijn vele soorten van MOV's. Een DV-MOV is een specifieke vorm van MOV dat wordt gebruikt bij het opnemen en bewerken van video op een computer.)
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            Sjefke 23 Level 1

            Steve first of all: thank you very much for your advice,i really appriciat that.

            Second; excuse for reacting so late but i got a lot of trouble by capturing my video.

            In brief: i captured from my DVcamcorder some video in Pal DV Widescreen 48kHz. and when i put the shots in the timeline some are show in fullscreen some like Letterbox = with a black top- and botomrail

            Before APE i used Final Cut Pro on this computer without problems. Then i removed everything from my computer and installed APE try version and worked withit without problems.Again removed everything and bought and installed APE 9. Version 9.0.1 and got every availlable update. After i got the problems i did the following:

            On one tape i shot 2  runs of 4 different shots. One run in 4:3 and the other in 16:9 and that with 3 different DV camcorders.

            So i got 6 video`s which each i captured 4 times in Adobe and put them in a different map on a second empty intern harddrive.

            So i got 24 different maps.

            Two times i got a map with a .prel but without shots. One time the first shot was not captured and the second shot was captured twice:the first time without sound and the second time including sound. And two times came a part of the files into another map.

            I put all tests in the timeline and saw that there was no clear pattern but within nearly every run there were shots "viewerfull"and others letterbox.

            When i looked at the information of theshots within the same run there was many times a different but allways ....x 576.

            Also shots in 4:3 were different in breadth

            - I tried several times: Share/ Computer and got allways the choose between: Adobe flash Player,MPEG and QuickTime but never AVI.

            - Then a took a 16:9 run and by : Share/ Tape record, i made a new tape on my camcorder ,caputered it in APE and got again different hights and one very narrowshot . But they all were:1280x 576.

            - The last thing i did ,and i don``t know if it is permitted on a APE forum, was caputuring the tape into Pinnacle: and no trouble at all.

            At this point i am out of idea`s

            And Steve here in the Netherlands we have a saying: One follish man can ask more than 10 wise man can answer.

            Greatings: Jos

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Thank you for the reply, Jos.


              Unfortunately, I don't understand your problems well enough to offer you solutions.


              Hopefully someone else will though.

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                Sjefke 23 Level 1

                Steve,thanks for your answer.

                I will remove everything from my computer except Snow Leopard and then see if i can get a second time a "try-version"of APE and see what happens . And at last: again remove everythinh and again installe my bought version.

                If i find a solution anyhow I`ll publish it here.

                Greatings: Jos