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    Add subform multiple times?

    DEBB09 Level 1

      I am a new user to Livecycle.  I have only created simple fill-able .pdfs based on Word documents and have never created/used subforms or scripts.  I have found a few samples on the forum leading me in the right direction; but, not giving me the entire answer.  I'm trying to create a form that provides information about siblings.  I would like the form to only show the fields required about siblings if they answer yes (they have siblings) and then have a field to input the number of siblings.  The subform would then need to show up and repeat for that number of siblings.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!  I'm not even sure I described my problem correctly so I can certainly provide more information if needed.  Thanks, Debb09

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          pguerett Level 6

          That is all very doable but it will require some level of script. If you have version 9 or better of Designer there is the use of Action Builder which can accomplish what you are asking for without you having to write script. The key is to build the form in the proper structure to brgin with. Have a look at the Dynamic Interactive Purchase Order sample to get you started.