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    Vertically dropping multiple Tweens

      I want to animate the same movie several times using Tweens and Actionscript. I'm trying to create a text animation where falling letters from the top of the stage animate (Elastic.easeOut) in succession to form a sentence--I want them to start so the next falls while the previous is still bouncing. So far I have just one lonely red circle animating in from above.

      new Tween(redBall_mc,"_y",Elastic.easeOut,redBall_mc._y, 200,2,true);

      Should I use an onMotionChanged event handler ? Do I need to put emptyMovieClips above the stage to hold the animating movie clip and then call them midway through the previous Tween?

      Or should I just go into After Effects and do it there and import it as an FLV? I'm a beginning Flash user, so I'd like to understand how to do it with Action Script

      Any help is much appreciated.