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    Events starting up extendscript


      Given the following script on InDesign CS5.5 (executed from the startup script folder):


      #targetengine "session"

      function fireAfterPrint(myEvent){
      alert( app.activeDocument.label);

      app.addEventListener("afterPrint", fireAfterPrint, false);


      After printing, extendscript opens up with a yellow line on at the function declaration. It seems like a breakpoint, because I can hit play and the alert pops up.


      This breakpoint behavior happens after every print, whether Extendscript is open or not.


      This is obviously not the behavior I desire. Is there anyway to have the event go off without breaking?


      I tried adding app.scriptPreferences.userInteractionLevel = 1699640946; after the #targetengine statement with no change.