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    problems with importing text for a 500 page book

    Alex McAdoo



      I'm a graphic designer laying out my first full length book in indesign and I'm having a problem with pasting text. When I import the text it randomly erases half of the indents at the beginning of each paragraph. I "placed" the text from a .doc file. I'm currently going through all 500 pages fixing everything! If anyone knows what I can do please let me know soon! It's a nightmare.


      Alex McAdoo

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          claudius X Level 1

          Firstly check how the indents are done in Word. If You don't have Word to check it then Show Hidden Characters in InD and check it there– sometimes authors or editors of the text use different methods to indent text (tab characters, spaces or Word styles etc–there are many ways to do that). You can correct it all in InD. I've never seen anything get lost in .doc import but I always see when editor does unlogical things when writing. Indent must be always controlled by paragraph style. Maybe imported text paragraphs are using different imported styles? Check paragraphs in InD do they have indents in their style or not. Create Your own style with indent and mark Your paragraphs with Your style. Only way to control your text is through your styles.