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    Adobe Reader X Crashes


      Hi there. I have a problem with Adobe Reader X. My problem is that Adobe reader X crashes after I open a pdf file. Sometimes it opens, but sometimes it does not open  the file and it crashes. After that, I am opening the task manager and I see that there are more one two "AcroRd32.exe". And, I could not terminate all of thems. Also,  it crashes after I open a pdf file and navigate through some pages when it works.  Also, I cannot open more than one pdf file at the same time. Firstly, I thought that the protected mode may have caused this, but I deactived it, too and the result was same; crash. I uninstalled and installed again Adobe Reade X but this does not help me, too. I updated it and also this does not help me. Do you have a way to fix this problem? What can I do? What may cause this? (I did antivirus and related scans also). I do not want to use any other reader. I like Adobe Reader. Please write your ideas.

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee


          Could you please let me know the following:

          1. The version of Adobe Reader currently installed

          2. The OS installed on your system

          3. Is the issue happening with a specific PDF or with every PDF that you are trying to open with Adobe Reader?


          Also, could you try double clicking on the Adobe Reader icon on your desktop (just launch the application and do not open a PDF) and see if Reader is crashing then as well?




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            Wasvis Level 1



            1-) The version is

            2-) Windows Xp sp3

            3-) This problem does not occur always. For example. it is working well today.Its working changes day by day.  After it crashes once, then it crashes for every pdf file. Yesterday, it crashed and I terminated one of its process from the taskbar, then it worked. But, this way does not work always. As to your question, it does not crash when normally launching the application exe. By the way, do you know whether Adobe reader stores crash dumps? If there is, where is its location. I can examine the logs. There may be ddl conflict.


            As far as I search on the google and forum, I see that there are other people having same issue. Firstly, I wil try to use the Windows 2000 compatible mode. I saw this way in the forum and said that it worked for some people. If this does not work, I will go back to version 9.4.



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              Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



              You can get the crash dump by following the below mentioned steps:


              1. Install WinDbg from http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/devtools/debugging/installx86.mspx

              2. Launch WinDbg via the shortcut

              3. Click File->Open Executable

              4. Select AcroRd32.exe from "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" and hit "OK"

              5. Remember to press "g" and hit enter when you encounter the first breakpoint and then you will see a text "Debuggeee is running" and Reader will be launched

              6. Open whatever file is it that produces the crash in Reader.

              7. When you have successfully reproduced the sceanrio causing the crash/freezing of Adobe Reader X, enter the below command in the WinDbg terminal

              .dump /ma c:\temp.dmp (Hit enter)

              8. This will produce the crash dump at C:\ by the name of temp.dmp


              Could you please upload the dump (compress the dump using WinZip or likewise) at some site and provide the link for the same. I will also have a look at the same.

              Also, if its possible could you share the PDF as well, for which your application crashes on a consistent basis.




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                I too had problems with Reader X as soon as I upgraded it from 9 on Win XP Pro SP3. I immediately gave up on X and reverted back to 9. I still get upgrade demands but deny any further updates as whilst 9 works OK I don't wish to have unnecessary down times with unstable software.

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                  Wasvis Level 1



                  I am thinking to use version 9 also, but it is working now. It does not crash for two days. I am waiting to get a crash dump. (I think it started working when it heard that I would get a crash dump ). When I finf what causes the crash, I will write it here. Thanks.

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                    I am experiencing the same issue with Adobe Reader

                    Have you found a solution for this?

                    Many thanks

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                      Wasvis Level 1


                      Indeed, I haven't found an accurate answer. When the problems arose, more than 2 instances of acrord32.exe were in the task manager.(Normally you see 2 instances). After that, I terminated all the instances until 2 instances left. Also, I noticed that I could not terminate those 2 remaining instances. Uninstalling and re-setup did not help. As a result of this, I thought to use the older version, such as 9.0, but it did not crash through the day which I thought to use older version. Later, I noticed that I was terminating  some instances of svchost.exe when I opened the computer as I thought they were not required. I gave up doing this and after that, it did not cause any problem yet. Still it is working well. I need to specify that I am not sure pdf crash problem was related with terminating svchost.exe. Try to be updated(not only pdf reader). You can use a task manager program to get a detailed understanding. I generally use a task manager program for the program which I have some problems with.