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    Rejected from Amazon App Store - Need AIR Link


      Hi Adobe,


      Riddle me this. I already have my app on the Amazon app store, so I got submit an update and a lite version here is what I get back.


      Your recent submission of Pop Goes The Bubble is pending due to the following reason(s):

      The link to Adobe AIR in your app needs to be updated so that customers are taken directly to the Adobe AIR app page on the Amazon Appstore. -- The Download URL is http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/dl/android?p=com.adobe.air


      I don't understand this. When I publish out the app for Android the part where I get to choose where the plug in is downloaded from I check off Amazon App store instead of Android market, I thought they meant I need to put the link in my description and I did and resubmitted, still the same rejection message. Please help me out I don't understand how version 1.0 was submitted and approved and this update is submitted the same way is now getting pushed back. Am I missing something?