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    Panels not working...need help please!! :)




      I just installed Indesign CS5.5 onto my computer. I have a PC and I am running windows 7.


      My issue is that none of the panels are working properly. Basically, they won't allow me to use any of their functions. Here are a few specific examples:


      -The page panel will not allow me to scroll between pages, select pages, create new pages, etc.

      -The align panel- I can click on everything on this panel and no changes are made to my objects

      -Library- It will allow me to drop layouts into the library panel but that is about it. As soon as I drop it in, if I click on the top corner option button I can use those options. However, if I add another layout to the library I can no longer access anything else other than the new template. None of the other functions work on it as well.


      These are the panels I have had trouble using so far. I would really appreciate any help you can give me. I have spent hours trying to get this to work.