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    Sharing Projects (Again!) But now on Windows

    ExactImage Level 3

      OK, so, we finally moved all but one edit station to Windows.  We're keeping one mac around for legacy projects on FCP, but all future work will be on Windows.


      Now, I've asked this before, but it was in a Windows <-> Mac situation, now we're all windows it's still causing me problems.


      What EXACTLY do I need to do (as in settings in PP and/or projects) to be able to copy a project from one PC to another PC and have it NOT need to conform again, generate peak files again etc etc.   This is driving me crazy.  All the files are just getting replacted over again (even though they are already there in the directory).


      The PCs are IDENTICAL in every way.  Same mobo, cpu, hard disks, paths etc.  The only thing that's different is the Windows key and the Production Premium key. 


      All project files are on E: (Raid) in identical folders (we cloned the HDDs!!!).