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    [Flash Pro CS5/.5] Debugger Launch Failed


      When I press Shift+Ctrl+Enter, I get this message:




      Happens with:

      • Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and CS5.5 (I have both, happens with both)
        • Happens with fresh installs of either - I haven't set any weird settings
      • Actionscript 3 (any functional AS3 scripts)


      Operating system:

      • Windows 7 x64


      I used to be able to debug, around April 2011, but for many months I have not been able to.


      I've search every thread on the internet regarding this problem and none of them have helped.


      I've tried:

      • Uninstalling CS5 (or CS5.5), including deleteing preferences
      • Uninstall Flash and ActiveX and reinstall the latest
      • Changed my Windows "hosts" file to include " localhost"
      • Uninstalled many programs such as VirtualBox, WinPcap, Wireshark
      • Reinstalled Flash, Java, Adobe AIR
      • I have no anti-virus or firewalls what-so-ever, there is no malware on my PC
        • I have previously installed ClamWin AV and Malwarebytes, but they are now uninstalled
      • Latest drivers for all my hardware - my PC is new (few months old)
      • Running CCleaner
      • I have used ComboFix on my PC
      • Played with settings on my network adapter (disabling IPv6, change advanced options etc)
      • I am able to ping myself successfully (ping, ping localhost) - both work


      What could be causing this problem?

      Are there any known software conflicts with Flash Professional?


      If anyone can help resolve this, you will certainly win thousands of internets. I've been at this problem for months.