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    Prompted to update Reader to 9.4.6 already have Reader X, Mac OS X


      On my OS X 10.6.7 iMac, each time I power up, I get an Adobe Updater prompt to update Adobe Reader to version 9.4.6.


      But I already have Adobe Acrobat X Pro10.1.1 and Adobe Reader plugin 10.1.1 installed.


      If there's another, older Adobe Reader 9.x, I don't see in in Spotlight; what should I search for?


      Note that if I do let the Adobe Updater download and try to install that update, each time it fails.


      Two more strange pieces:


      1. If I try to run Adobe Updater.app, which is in the Adobe Updater6 subfolde of an Adobe Utilities folder, I get an "Adobe Updater quit unexpectedly".
      2. In ~Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat there's a folder named 9.0_x86 -- as well as the expected 10.0.


      (Since I cannot get it to run, I cannot be sure that it's that Adobe Updater.app that tries to install the Reader 9.4.6 update -- or whether that installer is for the Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard (CS 5.5) -- or both.