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    Same project on two Macs - Peak-show



      I want to work with a project on my MacBook pro (4,1, early 2008. 2x2,5), that project was started on a macpro (4,1; 2x4x2,66).

      After solving problems concerning the re-Connection, which is really something, Adobe has to work on! Take a Look at fcp, it seeks and finds, pp does not and pp hates folder-structures other than: one folder for all files (Clips that is).

      Ok. But what really gets annoying is the Peak-file-creating. Is here any way to stop pp from doing this? I have over 5000 clips!

      Why does pp do this anways? And: Why does it need Peak-files an the MacBook and Not On the macpro?

      I appriciate your answers!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Peak files are created:


          a. the first time a clip is imported into a project, and

          b. when the media cache is cleaned.


          It is needed for an accurate display of the waveform in the audio tracks in the time line. There is no way to by-pass it.


          I understand it takes a long time, but that is mainly caused by the lacking hardware of a MBP, especially on an underpowered one. Reading the audio, creating the peak file and writing it to the same disk and repeating that for all clips will take time, because there are not enough disks in a MBP to distribute the load.


          The creation of peak files has been done on the MAC Pro, so it needs not be done again, but the first time on the MBP it needs to be done.


          Reconnecting issues only occur if the absolute paths to the clips are not identical on both machines. If they are identical, there is no problem with reconnecting.

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            lasvideo Level 4

            Harm, I think the reconnecting issue the OP is referring to is this. If I have a client that provides me with the project and media files to revise something, I have to physically point PrP to the various locations for the clips it queries me about, over and over again.With big projects with many clips and sub folders this is a time killer. With FCP there is an indexing function that automatically looks for any of the new files to reconnect and then reconnects them. Its a real weak link in the PrP structure .This  feature request have been made by many editors that value this function.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I understand, but that makes it even more tricky. To work with an indexing system like FCP uses, would require the Windows indexing function being turned on and that is a serious performance breaker. It would be hard to make that a distinct feature for MAC's only and requiring the indexing function turned on for Windows system, would turn many people off, because of the performance penalty. I think it would be better to instruct the client to submit his clips and project with absolute paths, then you have no reconnection problems, no problems for Windows users, maybe even a performance gain for MAC users, especially since this situation only applies to few users.

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                lasvideo Level 4

                Instructing the clent is good in theory, but in practice there are to many opportunities for Murphys Law to come into play. If this limitation cant be resolved due to Windows issues with indexing, this is a serious blow that will impact and limit PrPs use in professional circles. You  have to have this kind of functionality to be a serious competitor in many editorial siruations. And given PrPs poularity at the moment and hopefully in the future, I think this situation will apply to many (and not few) users.  I would hope this indexing / reconnect function could be turned on at the opening of a project and then turned off when all media is ready.

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                  Macphil11 Level 1

                  It's like lasvideo says: ppr is falling far behind fcp here- I sat down for 30 minutes, lost with the  macosx search tool which really sucks too - compared to the fcp-indexing system! I then dragged and dropped all 6542 files from their approx 150 folders (they exist because of the xdcam disks we ingested via the sony transfer tool) into just one. That made stuff a lot easier. Maybe increases Performance? I would Love that!


                  The Lack of a good search-tool and the peak-filing is something which ought to be changed. As it's been said:mine might be an underpowered MacBookpro, but only because ppr is a ram-eater like no other app I have worked before. I had to build in 32 gb of ram into the macpro to be able to get ppr running properly!

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                    Macphil11 Level 1

                    So: what would be the exact and most perfect way to work with ppr on different macs?

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      In the scenario Lasvideo painted and you want to avoid Murphys Law, ask them which drive letter they used for the external they give you. Then make sure that the OS on your system uses the same drive letter for that external. In Windows that is easy, say the client used drive letter P, you just designate that drive as P and PR will find all the files for you. Whether that is as easy on a MAC I do not know.

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                        Jon Chappell Level 3

                        Macs don't use drive letters - they use volume names. If the volume is named the same and there is no other volume mounted with the same name, it should work.


                        Regarding the search issue - why not have it check that indexing is switched on? If it's on, it can use that and if it isn't, it can search the drive by enumerating the directories. It may take longer but it'll still be quicker than doing it manually.

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                          Macphil11 Level 1

                          As easy as this seems to sound: the material (1,8 tb) comes from an internal 2tb drive and I had to split it onto to external (1tb and a 1,5 tb drive).

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                            lasvideo Level 4

                            In my experience, most editors that have worked at facilities or boutiques with other editors try to be very organized. That means there are folders for each days shoot or each scene...folders for b roll also broken down by shoot day or scene... folders for music/sound effects....folders for stock footage...folders for motion graphics / effects composites and so on. They can be provided by other vendors in a variety of hardware and all must go on the raid array that bears no naming resemblance to the originals sources. As an online editor someone gives all this stuff to me with the project or in varying combinations. That increases the time puzzling out the reconnections.

                                  Evening when the editor has to currently send things to Color, this reconnection dance can be problematic. PrP needs to understand they are now catering to their old users and new users that will demand more of the software. And I feel confident they are eager and ready for the challenge.