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      Hey all. I need to find code for Director to access G-Mail. I want to be able to recieve and send mail. And then take those e-mails and take information from them and use it in the shockwave file. Is there anyway I can do this?
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          DirectEmail is a great shockwave safe xtra for dealing with pop3 servers (G-mail accounts can be accessed via pop3). You can get the demo here:


          If you don’t want an xtra I wrote a set of scripts that could send mail using an ASP script as an intermediary to route mail to an SMTP server but you’d have to figure out the receiving part yourself. I wouldn’t really recommend doing this, it was a last resort for a client that worked in an extremely restrictive network environment where almost all internet activity except HTTP was blocked.

          Hey, I just looked closely and noticed DirectEmail can send but not receive, sorry about that.
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            Lukewig Level 1

            You can also use the MU Xtra that used to be included with Director (it works fine with DMX2004 - there's not good reason why it was discontinued when the MU Server was discontinued). Valentin has written some lingo scripts for sending and receiving email using this Xtra -- see http://staff.dasdeck.de/valentin/lingo/email_classes/

            -- Luke