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    Net.SOAP.wireDump doesn't  (seem to) work

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      I presume this is a simple question.  I'm using Acrobat Pro 9 and am writing JavaScript that uses SOAP.  I set this:


         Net.SOAP.wireDump = true;


      However, the JavaScript debugger window doesn't display any SOAP messages when I do a Net.SOAP.Connect.  I know (well, believe) that the Connect is working because the site I'm connecting to returns a WSDL file as indicated by my JavaScript program now having access (via proxy) to all of the procedure calls on the website, as determined by doing this:


         for(var i in service)  console.println(i);      // where var service = Net.SOAP.Connect("http://....


      The above prints out the dozen or so calls my JavaScript now has access to courtesy of the website's WSDL file.


      I have the Debugger set to View both "Script and Console", in case that makes a difference.  I tried "Console"-only before that.


      The JavaScript programming doc says that wireDump works for synchronous calls, which I presume Net.SOAP.Connect() is.


      I tried my PDF file on both Windows XP and Windows 7 with identical results -- no SOAP protocol is displayed.


      I rebooted both systems and even did a Repair of Acrobat (on XP), nothing seems to help.


      Any thoughts anyone has on how to make Net.SOAP.wireDump work would be appreciated.  Are there known issues with wireDump?





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          Hi, it's me again,


          Made some progress.  Somewhat desperately, I looked around Acrobat for anything helpful.  Under Edit > Preferences > JavaScript, I noticed that the checkbox "Show console on errors and messages" wasn't checked.  It didn't take too much Googling to figure out it should be checked (although I've aways received JavaScript-reported errors, like unitialized variables, without this box being checked in the past, so I'm not sure what additional information checking this box will provide).


          In any case, once I checked it, the debugger displayed this partially-shown information (comments added by me):


               About to attempt SOAP connection  <-----this is from my console.println that precedes the Net.SOAP.Connect
               Cannot continue printing to the console.

               Cannot continue printing to the console.

               Cannot continue printing to the console.

               Cannot continue printing to the console.

               About to print services                     <----this is from my console.println that follows the Net.SOAP.Connect


          I'm sure the four "Cannot continue..." messages occurred during Acrobat's attempt to perform the SOAP wireDump. It somehow concluded that it cannot perform the printing, e.g. not enough memory?  There is preciously little information on the Internet about this particular message, but at least I have *something* that visibly indicates when Acrobat detects a problem.  That's *much* better than the silent failures I had before.


          If/when I figure out how to make Acrobat happy and avoid this message, I'll post a follow-up.


          If, in the meantime, anyone has any experience with this particular message, I'm all ears.