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    Numbering Problem.


      Hi everyone. I've run into quite the problem.


      The graphic designer for my mom's printing company had left for the weekend, and we decided to print out a job he said was finished. It was a number of raffle tickets, about 500, all numbered. About 100 pages. Well, midway through printing we examined the sheets, and 100 of the tickets are missing, 397-495. We've been desperately trying to contact said designer, but he hasn't returned our calls. This is a fairly important job.


      I have never used InDesign myself, and as far as the entire Adobe products go, am only fluent in Photoshop. But we need to get the job done.


      What needs to be done:


      1. Making another 20 pages just like the first batch, with the lettering and format all the same.

      2. Apply or Replace the missing numbers to the tickets, preferrably in numeric order down the pages (for example, the first page would start with number 0397, but instead of going across the page, it would count down the column down each page and continue in the next column after the 20th page. This is optional, though, as we could make due with it counting across the page.)


      I've provided a screenshot of what popped up when I opened the page. I would appreciate any advice or step-by-step instructions. Thank you.