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    GTX850 SLI + CUDA + 3 Monitor


      Hello, I need to use 3 monitors and in order to do so I need two NVIDIA cards in SLI, could I use two GTX 580 in SLI by using CUDA for Premiere without having problems? I do know that Mercury requires only one GPU, but I need to find out if I can keep connected the two cards in SLI and use Premiere with MPE.

      I am using a Matrox RT.X2, could this use any type of conflicts?



      This is my (future) Workstation configuration:

      -Mainboard: ASUS Rampage III Extreme

      -Processor: i7 970

      -RAM: 12Gb 1600

      -Graphic: 2x GTX580 SLI (or ATI HD9670)

      -Power: Enermax 1020

      -Audio: Creative X-Fi Elite Pro

      -Matrox RT.X2

      -HDD: 3x 500Gb
      Software: Win7 64bit - CS5 Premiere, After Effects


      This is my current monitor configuration (photo):

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          This is a setup bound for disaster.


          Lose the SLI, lose the Matrox, lose the audio card. The rest is not too shabby.


          Just use two video cards, but not in SLI, so just as good would be a 580 and a 550.

          Use the savings for more memory and a better disk setup.


          Once you have done that we can help you make a functional system.

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            FabioDel83 Level 1

            Thank you John for your answer, I did know that PPRO does not support SLI, and I wrote it in my message. I read the links but I could not find what I'm really looking for. I would like to know now if by disabling the SLI I can still have the possibility of using 3 monitors with two identical cards while I am working in PPRO using of course one GPU


            @Harm: not considering the SLI system, this system configuration that I wrote you about has been tested by a user of the matrox forum and it works great, rt.x2 included, but if you have any suggestions about a new system, I will be happy to read them.
            Losing everything that you said would mean losing about 1500 euros, since I have both the rt.x2 and the audio card


            I Would like to use TWO IDENTICAL cards and put them in SLI (enable and disable) whenever I need the Surround Vision in videogames, if possible

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              You need not install the Matrox and it will save you from many headaches, driver issues and you can use the Matrox for what it was designed for, a fantastic door-stopper. I have used my old RT.X100 for that very purpose for years. Did the person on the Matrox forum mention whether he was on 5.03 or on 5.5.1?


              You need not install the Sound Blaster card since you have on-board sound and it will avoid using their bloated software with all their inherent issues, keeping your system cleaner and meaner.


              For a 3 or 4 monitor solution, all you need is two video cards that use the same driver, but not connected with SLI. The altenative is BM, but they also have their driver problems with CS5.5.


              It is a pity you can't get your money back from Matrox and use that to upgrade memory to 24 GB and add a couple of disks to your setup. That would increase performance noticeably. With your two intended 580 cards and the 970, your PSU Enermax 1020 may be a bit weak in output. Check eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Pro v2.5  and get the Pro version, then set your CPU load to 100% and capacitor ageing to 30% and add 10 - 15% to the calculated wattage to be safe. Then carefully check the amperage on each rail, because in my experience Enermax may give a total wattage that seems enough, but not on the individual rails.

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                FabioDel83 Level 1

                Thanks for suggestions! This is the post on Matrox Forum: http://forum.matrox.com/rtx2/viewtopic.php?t=8853&sid=e056799d228ed266f243bbea90bc7ff1



                So, if I want I can connect two identical card in SLI (enabled by nvidia SLI properties) and use them in videogames (Surround Vision), instead if I want to use PPRO I can disable SLI mode and use one Graphic Card... but I can use 3 monitors equally? or 2 only?

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  I think you need to physically remove the SLI cable and disable anything related to SLI from the setup to run PR and manage 3 monitors. Might be bothersome each time you want to use PR. The message on the Matrox forums relate to CS5.0, not to 5.5.1 so it is irrelevant for CS5.5. Matrox again has problems with the latest version but if you are lucky, they might come up with stable drivers around the same time CS6 appears and then the whole circus starts afresh. Or you need to upgrade to the RT.X3 card.