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    Camera resolution for NetStream. Please help.

    CyberProdigy Level 1

      I'm developing a videochat app that should work on different network speeds. The idea was to switch to lower resolution if by some criteria delay becomes too noticable (say, delay is 2 seconds, or dropped videoMessage packet ratio is more than 20%). Or if on the other hand user has fast network connection then app should increase the resolution and thus providing better video image quality.


      The problem: I can  not find anyone done this before, thus I am comming to the conclusions that I'm doing something wrong here.

      Is it possible that RTMFP is lowering the video image quality automatically when ever it thinks that delay is too huge? If this is the case, than should I set the video resolution for camera to 1600x1200 and feed it to the netstream and allow NetStream to take care of everything else, or there is some other magic numbers for resolution that I should set?


      If this is not the case and RTMFP is not taking care of lowering/increasing video quality automatically then how can I measure the quality. I know there are NetStream.info and NetStream.liveDelay, nether of which for RTMFP connections provides valuable information to detect delay. For me liveDelay is going up to 20 and then fluctuacting there, but for info videoLossRate property is always zero, even if I set everything to max and lag is very noticable.


      So how is RTMFP intended to use?