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    Controlling overlaying movie clips in Flash...

      Please visit the following link to see an example of my frustration:


      When making this file, I am wanting the results of the first flash movie (clicking each button goes to the corresponding picture), with the effects of the second flash movie (easing, movement, etc...). The code I am using is below each movie on the site listed above, with the only difference being "final_x =95.5" taken out.

      I would like the final result to work like this:

      By clicking on any of the buttons, I would like the corresponding picture to "move" into place. The 1st flash movie works correctly, except without the animation.

      My problem seems to be with the "final_x," in that it controls the whole movie. I need independent control of 2 movies on top of each other, each functioning simultaneously.

      Any help would be appreciated.