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    Premiere pro cs5.5 to final cut pro


      Hello all, I have finished a project using premiere pro cs5.5.  I edited footage I got from my canon t2i.  1080p, 23.9xx frames.  I exported the movie using match sequence setting and I got a mpeg movie.


      Someone I work with needs to add some stuff to my movie but he is using final cut pro using quicktime format.


      My first question is, will I be able to import my mpeg movie without any problems?  I'm guessing not.  The problem is everytime I try to export my movie to quicktime format it changes the resolution to 720x480 and I'm unable to change the resolution.  Even if I try to export using that resolution I get an "Encoding Failed" error.


      Can anyone help?






      I'm running cs5.5 on windows 7.