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    please help me with the Key event problem..(when user types fast)


      I'm a web programmar..  and I usually develope the financial homepages. (ex. securities company)




      recently I'm working with E2E (some kind of security encryption...or memory protection )


      it's like...


      when user logs-in .. through my log-in system (which is made of flash)


      the password should be encryted and stored at the memory being encryted....


      the encryption happens whenever the user types in.. (because the purpose of this work is to protect the password 'memory' by encryption)




      I found that if user types in the password so fast...


      the flash misses some of the letters.


      There's no problem this E2E work when I applied to JSP or ASP.. or many other types of pages..


      but in case of Flash.. there's always a problem.


      After many tests, I believe that  it's a basical problem of flash key-event system.


      So I hope..  if there's any other methods or solutions..regarding the  flash 'key-event'.


      Is there any new functions or some kinds of try-worthy things?