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    Problem with clip color when exporting a sequence


      Working on an iMac i7, CS 5.5

      I have created a sequence comprised of 3 clips. I color corrected the first two (using the RGB curves corrector) but not the last one. The clips are DNxHD transcoded from AVCHD originals (which I can't process smoothly on my iMac). When I preview and/or render my sequence, colors look fine for all clips.

      When I try to export it as a H.264 Quicktime movie, the first two clips are rendered as I want, but the last one (with no color corrections) has only the blue color plane!

      I tried exporting directly (without delay) or using AME's queue, but the results were identical.

      A workaround is to "pretend" to color correct the last clip (I barely adjusted the reds). Then exporting works fine.

      Sounds like a bug candidate to me!