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    sendandLoad and ASP problem

    thanx4allthefish Level 1

      Can anyone help with the following please? -

      I am using sendandLoad from Flash and pass information via an asp script, however I cant seem to get it to work properly.

      I trace what's passed back in Flash to see the result.

      I just need to know why the following syntax doesn't work -

      Response.Write("&r_cnt=" & rvar & "&")

      rvar is just a variable value I want to pass back. When I run this in Flash it says the value of r_cnt is "

      If I type -

      Response.Write("&r_cnt=0&") and run it through, the value of r_cnt is traced as 0 correctly.

      I can't see why the concatenation using rvar doesn't work.

      Any help appreciated.