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    Am I allowed to make a commercial game? What if I keep the game in beta phase? :)

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      My question:

      Am I allowed to use Cirrus with a commercial game?

      Am I allowed to use Cirrus with a commercial game if I stay in beta phase?


      My fun theory:

      I've always been a fan of p2p.  I think we haven't entered the golden age of P2P games yet.

      People always look at P2P as "Oh, I'll save on server costs"

      Here is a really neet trick though:

      If you packet shape a melee game, you can do things like "Update distant players less often", which means you can have more players overall.

      Theory goes like this: If a player is 20 seconds away from you even if you both head towards each other, then you only have to send data once every 19 seconds or so.  If you have an action game which needs 50ms pings, you can save those for players really close.  I've done the math on this stuff, if you have a melee game, and everyone has 640k upload, you can handle like 5000 players at once.  Imagine Tekken with 5000 players at the same time...


      Another fun theory:

      I believe you can simulate a server node on Cirrus.  Designate a certain IP in your peers that is the server.  The server itself is a peer, but peers will send it requests occassionally(login, request friends, request inventory, etc).  The peers will know which one is the server because they're hardcoded with the correct IP


      Even better:

      For debugging purposes you do not need a computer with a static IP, just create a peer that will respond to a certain code and identify itself as a server.  Everyone knows this is easy to hack(decompile .swf and say it is a server), but you don't normally attract hackers in your first few people playing your game who are out to help you


      My goal:

      I plan on making a server node which looks and feels similar to classic Battle.net or IRC if you will.  You find/chat with people.  Then you form a party and play.  Or perhaps you simply click: Join Autogroup.  It will have login/password creation, and maybe password recovery once I link in a SMTP server to AS3.  I think if you have registration + login, you're set...  Actually maybe I'll just integrate with Facebook and let them deal with logins and stuff.