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    height problem


      Dear All,


      in content_mc, i did TextField._height = output.lenght /2 which is 615; and i want to set the same height for the content_mc so i did _root.content_mc._height = _root.content_mc.TextField._height; it gives me the size 15.15; why?


      any help?




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first thing you should do is not use "TextField" as a name for anything.  It is an AS2 class name, so that might be causing you a problem.


          What is TextField supposed to be?  Why can't you just assign a variable to the content_mc and use that...


          content_mc.heightVar = output.lenght/2;


          and later use


          content_mc_height = content_mc.heightVar;

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            because you asigned content_mc's _height before the textfield's height changed.   the textfield's height wasn't changed, when you tried to assign content_mc's _height, either because you didn't set it correctly or you're using a component where there's a delay in the textfield size change.